Delta Programmable Logic Controllers

Product Details:
Mpu Points 16
Program Capacity 64K Steps
Brand Delta
Data Register
10,000 words (latched)


Used for 2-axis servo positioning control, material cutting machine (high-speed servo control), crane operations, material clipper controlled by the servo.

• Max. I/O points: 512
• Communication port: Built-in RS-232 and RS-485, compatible with MODBUS ASCII / RTU communication protocol.
• 500KHz high-speed pulse output:
• Built-in 2 groups of A/B phase differential signal ouput: X-axis pulse output: (FP0+, FP0-), (RP0+, RP0-), Y-axis pulse output: (FP1+, FP1-), (RP1+, RP1-)
• Supports Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) and multi-point external signal inputs

Additional Information:

• Item Code: DVP-20PM


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