Prominent & Leading Supplier of wide range of electronic and magnetic linear measurement products in India including XT18 robust draw wire system, encometer EM4 draw wire mechanic system, encometer EM8 draw wire mechanic system, encometer EM10 draw wire mechanic system, MSA absolute linear measuring magnetic sensor and MSM linear measuring magnetic sensor. This Standard covers linear measurements and associated instrumentation. Rules, scales, tapes, calipers, depth gages, etc, are used for such measurements. Some of them are direct measuring instruments and others are comparison instruments which must be referred to appropriate standards or direct measuring instruments. Using instruments like a ruler and tape, children can measure surrounding objects such as pencil, shoe, a remote, toy car, and spoon. The example below illustrates the placement of a ruler against a screwdriver to measure its length. To measure the length, place the object and ruler with the tip at the “0”.

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