Switch Mode Power Supply IN CHENNAI

We are EKA CNC Supplier of Switch mode power supply (SMPS) at low price in Chennai. Get the best deal on SMPS at an affordable Price under made in Chennai. Offering you a complete choice of products which include Omron SMPS, Delta SMPS, DVPPS02 SMPS, 24v DC power supply, SMPS and Omron power supply. A switch mode power supply is used to supply power to low voltage equipment for both industrial and domestic applications. More and more modern equipment require a low voltage supply, even if it is ultimately controlling mains or high voltages.

Application of Switched Mode power supply (SMPS):

It is used in vehicles for charging batteries. It is used in factories and industries for power. It is used in the railway system, security system. It is also used in mobile and also as lighting.

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