TOSOKU Electronic hand wheel Rotary band switch MR8 MR8A MR8C

TOSOKU Electronic hand wheel Rotary band switch | tosoku mr8


Tosoku MR8 MPG Handwheel Rotary Switch  supplier in India.

Digital Code Rotary Switch 

Brand: TOSOKU band switch
Models: MR8A MR8C full range
Origin: Japan
ultra small shape corresponding type band switch
1. The gilded double contact contact with stability, ensure the reliability
2. Ultra miniaturization: 8.0 * 8.0 (mm) height 8.5 mm 1 kind of rotation Angle: 30 °
3. The standard and subminiature band switch knob and use special subminiature band switch circuit board
4. The corresponding type band switch setting can be directly used in the control circuit is simple, transform the fixed screw position can be adjusted to set state
5. Four Numbers: 2 hexadecimal cyclic code (gray code) [error signal to prevent]
6. An airtight manufacturing: integration structure with dustproof, waterproof, prevent oil characteristics planking reinforcement. Strong and reliable.
Scope of application: designed for application in Japan original east TOSOKU electronic handwheel HC - 115, HC - 121 series. (mainly used for OFF X Y Z axis and x1 x10 x100 ratio selection switch to use)
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