Future cnc controller Machine Rotary Switch NDS01N


Product Description

1.Metal exterior dazzle bright strong, clear mark section number.

2.provided 15,30,13.85,27.69° band Angle for choice .

3.Band section number by double block rod can be arbitrary Settings.

4.Lots of output digital coding mode (2 into the system, 2 into system for code, gray code etc).

5.Band block stem is solid, the axis with antiskid decorative pattern.

6. Including signal prohibited or accidentally with a signal to prevent false action.

7. Gold-plated double contact, contact resistance stability, long service life.

8. Subject a installation type O sealing ring, the oil is panel waterproof design, code, body in the oil airtight waterproof design.

9. The new structure, not easy deformation, convenient installation.

10. Save wiring and CNC input points and can choose with socket type output

That is how we do the package 🙂


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