Product Overview
1. Ensure un-interruptible service of critical electric power
When overvoltage, under-voltage or phase failure occur to a power supply, it will automatically switch over to another power supply or start the electric generator. It is mainly used in hospital, shopping mall, bank, hotel, high buildings and fire control where long time power disconnection is not allowed and ceaseless power supply is needed.
2. Full automatic power supply changeover system
It is equipped with three changeover methods including self-throwing and selfreset (power network to power network), self-throwing and not self-reset (power network to power network), self-throwing and self-reset (power network to power generation), in order to satisfy different power changeover requirement.
3. Intelligent
It has communication interface with built-in RS485, and has two kinds of communication agreement including MODBUS-RUS and electric meter 1997, which can realize real time data upload, distance data configuration and condition monitor, and can achieve the function of telecommand, telemetering, remote control, and remote regulating. Remote vision can be achieved through matching intelligent power distribution system.
4. Safe and reliable, and have fire control linkage function
When fire disaster occurs to no fire control load, fire protection control center can send signal to intelligent controller, cut off double power supply, ensure fire disaster load to break.

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