YCM8E series electronic circuit breakers are applicable for low-voltage power systems of AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage up to 1000V and rated operating current from 16A to 800A.

Ambient and installation conditions
Altitude up to 2000m;
Ambient medium temperature should be within -5℃ to +40℃ (+45℃ for marine products);
It can withstand the effect of damp air;
It can withstand the effect of salt fog or oil mist;
It can withstand the effect of moulds;
It can withstand the effect of nuclear radiation;
The max inclination is 22.5℃.
It still can work reliably when the ship subjects to normal vibration;
It can still work reliably if the product subjects to the earthquake (4g).
Places where the surrounding medium is free from explosion danger, and far away from gas or conductive dust that would erode the metal or destroy the insulation;
Keep away from rain or snow.
Circuit breaker can be equipped with undervoltage release, shunt release, auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, electric operating mechanism, rotary operating handle and other accessories.
Circuit breaker has protection functions of overload long delay, short-circuit short delay and short-circuit instantaneous protection, the user can set the required protection characteristics (user only needs to operate the DIP switch for settings of protection function parameters).
Circuit breaker has ground fault and thermal analog protection functions, pre-alarm indication over-current indication, load current indication, digital current analysis technology, and it can achieve a higher level of protection.

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