The dual power automatic switch is a newly developed miniature household power switch,which is mainly used to test whether the main power supply or standby power supply is normal.When the normal power supply is abnormal, the standby power supply starts to work immediately,which ensures the continuity,rel iabi l ity and safety of power supply,This product is special ly designed for household rail installation and is specially used for Pz30 distribution box.
The dual power automatic switch is suitable for emergency power supply systemswith 50 or 60 Hz and rated 400V AC.ATS has the characteristics of solid structure,reliable conversion,convenient installation and maintenance and long service life.It is widely used in various occasions where power failure cannot be sustained,and can be operated by electricity or manually.ATS is composed of TSE and controller.
According to IEC 60947-6-1,Part 6-1;multifunctional equipment and switchgear is formulated,It can be seen that ATS is the most qualified low-voltage switchgear and control device.

IEC60647-6(1999)/GBI14048.11-2002 “low voltage switchgear and control equipment multifunctional no.1:automatic transfer switches”

Control device:built in controller
Product structure:no power off,guide rail type,high current,small volume,two-stage type, simple structure,ATS integration
Features:fast switching speed,low failure rate,convenient maintenance and reliable perfomance
Wiring mode:front plate wiring
Conversion mode:power grid to power grid,power grid to generator,photovoltaic to urban power,automatic switching and self recovery
Product frame:100
Product current:10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63,80,100A
Product classification:direct load type
Pole No.:2,3,4
A T S E:PC class
Switching time:0.008s/8ms

Normal operation time and installation conditions
Ambient air temperature
The maximum temperatu re shall not exceed 40°C the minimum temperature shall not be lower than -5°C,and the average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher tehan 35 °C.
The altitude of the installation site should not be higher than 2000m.
Atmosphenc conditions
When the maximum temperature reaches 40°C,the telative humidity of the installation site should not exceed 50%;when the temperature is the minimum tem -perature -5℃,the relative humidity is higher,for example,the temperature is 25℃, and the relative humidity is 90%.Due to the temperature change,special measures should be taken to deal with the occasional condensation on the surface of the product.
Pollution grade
The pollution grade of ATS conforms to grade 3 specified in GB/T14048.11.
Installation category
The installation type of ATS confoms to the category specified in GB/T14048.11.
Installation conditions
ATS can be installed vertically in control cabinet or distribution cabinet.Make sure the installation distance meets the requirements in Figure 8.


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