YCM8 Series circuit breakers were developed according to the demand of domestic and international market as well as features of similar products.
Its rated insulation voltage up to 1000V, is suitable for AC 50Hz distribution network circuit whose rated operation voltage is up to 690V, rated operation current from 10A to 800A. It can distribute power, protect the circuit and power supply devices from the damage of overload, short circuit and under voltage, etc.
This series circuit breaker feature small volume, high breaking capacity and short arcing. It can be installed vertically (namely vertical installation) and also installed horizontally (namely horizontal installation).
It complies with standards of IEC60947-2.

Feature 1: Current limiting ability
Limiting the rise of short circuit current of circuit. The peak short circuit current and I2t power are much lower than the value expected.

U shape fixed contact design
The U shape fixed contact design achieves the technique of pre-breaking:
When the short circuit current pass through the contact system, there are forces that repel each other on the fixed contact and moving contact. The forces were produced with short circuit current synchronous and enlarge while short circuit current enlarge. The forces make the fixed contact and moving contact apart before tripping. They elongated the electric arcing to enlarge their equivalent resistance to limit the rise of short circuit current.

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