YCM7, YCM7RT, YCM7T/A, YCM7RE series circuit breaker is a new generation of breaker.
This breaker is applied for the distribution network of AC 50Hz, rated insulation voltage 800V, rated working current up to 800A, which is for electric energy distribution, circuit protection, protection power supply facility from destroying by the fault of overloading, short circuit and undervoltage, meanwhile it is also used for protection from unfrequent starting, over loading, short circuit and undervoltage of the motor.
This breaker has such characteristics as high short circuit interrupting capacity, short arcing and etc., which is a ideal product for users. This breaker can be installed vertically, and also horizontally
This breaker comply with standard IEC60947-2.

Product Features
1. Miniaturization design
Product volume miniaturization can meet the customer's personality needs of the product installation size.
2. Size uniform
The same shell level, different breaking capacity (S, M), different functions (air, leakage) product installation size is completely consistent.
3. The function of the reasonable parameter setting
Circuit breaker can realize long-time delay overload inverse time, short circuit instantaneous action protection functions such as parameter setting, users can set their own protective properties required, the distribution network is used in the circuit breaker on the lower level with more reasonable.

Suitable Working Encironment and Mstallation Condition
1. Altitude less than 2000m
2. Ambient medium temperature is from -5℃ to +40℃ (+45℃ for shipping product)
3. Humidity resistance
4. Bacteria resistance
5. Nuelear radiation resistance
6. Max lean degree is 22.5 degree.
7. Can operate normally when it comes to vibrataion of ship.
8. Can operate normally when it comes to earthquake(4g).
9. The medium should be no risk of blasting and can't erode the metal and damage
10. insulating gas as well as conductive dust.
11. Work in the places where is no rain and snow.

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