When purchasing a PLC Controllers, drive or motors for retrofitting in existing machines, it is important to consider compatibility with existing equipment, features needed for the application, capacity and power factor requirements, brand and supplier reputations, cost, technical support provided, safety standards met, and potential integration with other control systems such as SCADA. Consulting with the manufacturer or a qualified engineer is strongly recommended to ensure compatibility and safety. Incase of any further details required, Please contact us.

Compatibility: Make sure the PLC drive is compatible with your existing equipment and control systems. This includes checking for compatibility with the voltage, current, and communication protocols used by your equipment as well as the physical compatability of the Pins and connectors.

Features: Consider the features that are important for your application, such as software features, speed control, torque control, and energy efficiency.

Capacity: Make sure the PLC drive has the capacity to handle the power requirements of your equipment. This includes checking for compatibility with the voltage, current, and power factor of your equipment.

Brand and supplier: Consider the reputation and reliability of the brand and supplier of the PLC drive. Look for reviews and feedback from other users, and make sure the supplier is able to provide technical support and service.

Product life cycle: Always retrofit with latest models if the PLC drives, controllers and systems are compatible with your existing machines as the product life cycle is required for replacement parts in the future

Cost: Compare the cost of the PLC drive with the cost of other retrofit options, such as replacing the entire system. Consider the long-term cost savings that the PLC drive may provide, such as energy efficiency and maintenance savings.

Technical Support: Ensure that the manufacturer or supplier of the PLC drive provides adequate technical support and documentation that will help you with the installation, setup, and maintenance of the drive.

Safety: Make sure the PLC drive meets the appropriate safety standards and certifications for your industry or application like CE marking, ISO standards.

Control: Check if the PLC drive can be integrated with other control system, such as SCADA, or any other building management system.

Consult with our engineers to ensure the compatibility and safety of the retrofit PLC drive with your system. We are happy to help.

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