Sphere of application

JBK5 series machine tool control transformer is the latest Transformers series that is introduced from a German company. Based on the domestic JBK3 series machine tool control transformes, JBK5 series absorb similar foreign porducts, advanced methods of terminal structure to connect terminal with the skeleton, improve protion rating and prevent accidental touching circuit. JBK5 series uses domestic IT cold terminal blocks to increase wiriring connection intensity.

For transformer 800VA and below, 1000VA, 1600VA, the connections of vertical structure between the silicon steel and silicon steel, between silicon steel and plates both adopt the bottom gas-shielded arc welding to form a whole. It is clear ans simple, especially the bottom one-time molding. The installtion dimensions is more accurate than the JBK3 series, and the use of high-quality anti-corrosion alloym it greatly improves the reliability of grounding performance and product quality. The products comply with VDE0550, IEC204 1, IEC439, JB/T5555,GB5226 and other relrvant international, national standards, and won the European Communiyt”CE” certification, It can be used interchangea bly with foreign products.

JBK5 series machine tool control trandformer for AC 50~60Hz, input voltage less than 500V, the outout rated voltage not wxcedding 220V, is used in the industries of mechanical equipment, general electrical comtrol prwer and work lights power use.

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