LW28 Series Universal changeover switch mainly used for AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 380V and below, DC voltage up to 220V, rated current to 160A electrical circuit for manually infrequent making or breaking the circuit for the purposes of control and conversion ,can also controlling three-phase asynchronous motors and circuit directly as the purposes of master control and measurement. The products widely used, instead of the various national switch, can be used as the circuit control switch, measuring equipment switches, motor control switches and the master control switch, and welding machine switch and so on.

Normal Working Conditions
1. The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40℃, the average temperature within 24 hours and not more than +35℃.
2. The ambient air temperature is not lower than -5℃.
3. Installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m.
4. The relative humidity of the air no more than 50% when the maximum temperature is +40℃ and at a lower temperature allows a higher relative humidity, such as when temperature is 20℃ the relative humidity reach 90%. To condensation occasionally due to temperature changes should take special measures.

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