cnc memory card


The Transcend industrial SLC compact Flash Card has a storage capacity of 128MB. It can be operated on several modes like PC Card Memory mode, PC Card IO mode, SRAM and True IDE mode. This card is ruggedized and features excellent temperature flexibility while delivering on performance with a Read rate of 40 MB/s and Write rate of 42 MB/s. It is specifically designed for industrial use and mission-critical applications.

Features and Benefits

Compact Flash specification version 6.0 compliant
PC card mode: Fixed Disk (Default)
Power Shield prevents data loss in the event of a sudden power outage
Supports global wear-leveling, static data refresh, early retirement and erase count monitor functions to extend product life
Supports S.M.A.R.T (Self-defined)
Supports security command
True IDE mode supports: UDMA0-5, MDMA0-4, PIO0-6 (UDMA5 as default)
True IDE Mode: Fixed Disk (Default)


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