Product Features

1. Sensorless vector control with the best low frequency compensation ability
2. Designed with special radiator tree and switch power, all of such kinds of new technologies improvethe performance
3. Several protective technologies and new component have been applied to the circuit, notably improve the anti-interference ability
4. Realize the preset frequency, or central frequency adjustable swing frequency function
5. Several phases speed operation controlled by build-in PLC or controlling terminal
6. Modulation Mode: space vector pulse width modulation SVPWN
7. Automatic energy saving operation: automatically optimize V/F curve to save the energy
8. Switch input channel: forward and reversal roration control, 8 channel program switch input, 35 kinds of function
9. Strong overload performance: 150% rated corrent for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 3 seconds
10. Communication function: RS485 standard communication interface, support ASCII and RTU format MODBUS communication protocol

Application Fields
1. Applied with boiler drunm, induced draft fan, coal mine ventilator, etc
2. Applied in central air-condition energy saving optimization, air compressor energy saving renovation, music fountain, etc
3. Applied with water circulating pump, water supply pump, clear water pump, sewage pump, purification pump, constant pressure water supply, oilfield water injection pump, oil pump, etc
4. Applied with mine conveyer, coal feeder, mixer, pulverizer, converter, blast furnace, etc
5. Applied with extruder, bottle blowing machine, film blowing machine, film conveying belt, centrifugal separator, compressor, sprayer, etc

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