YCM7RE Series Electronic circuit breaker is suitable for ac 50 Hz, rated voltage 690V, the rated working current 800A low voltage power grid.

Suitable Working Environment and Installation Condition
1. Altitude less than 2000m
2. Ambient medium temperature is from -5℃ to +40℃ (+45℃ for shipping product)
3. Humidity resistance
4. Bacteria resistance
5. Nuelear radiation resistance
6. Max lean degree is 22.5 degree.
7. Can operate normally when it comes to vibrataion of ship.
8. Can operate normally when it comes to earthquake(4g).
9. The medium should be no risk of blasting and can't erode the metal and damage insulating gas as well as conductive dust.
10. Work in the places where is no rain and snow.

1. Above MCCB can put accessories such as, UVT, Shunt, Aux, Alarm contact, Motor driven operation, Mechanism, Rotary handle.
2. Function available as over-load long-time delay, short-circuit time-delay,instant protection.
3. Earth-fault protection, Thermal analog Pre-alarm, indication, Over-current, indication operational current.


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