Self-recovery overvoltage and undervoltage protector is a new type of intelligent protection apparatus.With the modular standard design,in case of overvoltage ro undervoltage of power supply line,the protector can quickly and safely break the circuit under continuous high voltage surge,avoiding the happening of an accident due to abnormal voltage entry into the terminal apparatus;when voltage resumes normal value,the protector will automatically close the circuit within the specified time to ensure the terminal apparatus can operate normally in an unattended way.
self-recovery overvoltage and undervoltage protector is applied for the users or loads of AC 230V,50Hz and rated operating current and below.It is mainly used in the household distribution box or other distribution line requiring protection.


Meet the requirements of building electrical design code;
Small size, automatic reset without manual operation;
Cut off the circuit quickly and safely when the voltage
fluctuation is too high or too low;
Automatic re-closing and voltage loss trip function by detectiong voltage;
With over voltage,under voltage,re-closing indicator state;
Low power consumption and long service life.

Normal Operating Conditions and Mounting Conditions
Ambient temperature: -35°~70°C
Altitude: ≤3000M
Atmospheric conditions: The atmospheric relative humidity is not more than 50% when the ambient air temperature is +40°C; high relative humidity is permitted under low temperature, For example, it may be up to 90% at +20°C; special measures should be taken in case of occasional condensation due to temperature variation;
Pollution degree: level 2;
Mounting category: category II or III.
Mounting form: It is installed using the TH35-7.5 section steel mounting rail.The inclination of installing surface cannot exceed 5°.


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