1. Protection against overload and short-circuit currents.
2. Protection against the effects of sinusoidal alternating earth fault currents.
3. Protection against indirect contacts and additional protection against direct contacts.
4. Protection against fire hazard caused by insulation faults.
5. Used in residential building.
6. According to the type of instantaneous release classified as follows: type B(3-5)ln, type C(5-10)ln.

YCB9HL-63 RCBO is an combined structure,the N pole is on the right side of the product. It has the following characteristics:
Without auxiliary power supply, it overcomes the defects of electronic products;

poor anti-interference, be greatly affected by power grid voltage fluctuation and can't be protected if the neutral line is disconnected;
Test circuit is dynamic controlled, and the test resistance is not easy to burn;
N pole contact can be opened and closed separately, with isolation function;
The impulse withstand voltage between L pole and N pole can reach up to 6000V;
The impulse withstand voltage between L pole, N pole and the metal support can reach up to 8000V;
Under the impact current of 200A, it has the ability to bear, and does not cause misoperation.

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