Hengstler Absolute Encoder IN CHENNAI

EKA CNC is a professional Hengstler dealer/supplier. We provide Hengstler Absolute Encoders, Digital Time counters and Safety Relays at best price. Our product range includes a wide range of hengstler absolute encoder. Hengstler Absolute Encoders is an optical absolute encoder with a multi-turn gearbox and optical scanning, size 36 mm. It is fitted with a solid shaft and physically compatible with standard incremental encoders. Hengstler Absolute encoders offer innovative engineering, easy operation and optimised functional dependability. The platform-based concept enables particularly compact construction and modular internal components. Hengstler Absolute Encoders are used in many different industrial applications for speed feedback and accurate position measurement. Multi-turn Hengstler Absolute Encoders are used in conveyor technology, robotics and in conjunction with precision-control the rotary motion of a wide range of applications.

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