BT Tools: Overall Maintenance

To insure proper performance of your toolholders, overall cleanliness of toolholder, collet pocket, collet, and nut must be maintained. It’s important to remember that all these components are manufactured to perform within tolerances of ten-thousanths (.0001”) of an inch.

Any dirt, dust, oil, chips, or other contaminant left on the spindle, taper, flange, collet, collet pocket, or nut can cause poor T.I.R. (runout) leading to premature wear of cutting tool, toolholder, and spindle mouth.

We recommend a regular preventive maintenance program be implemented in your shop to protect your investment in cutting tools, toolholders, and collets, and reduce scrap.


BT Tapers & Sizes

BT tapers come in different sizes, table of which you can find below :

Size D–1 D–2 D–3 Lgt F A G
BT30 1.250 (31.75) 1.811 (46.00) 1,283 (32.6) 1.906 (48.40) 0.866 (22.00) 0.079 (2.00) M12 thread
BT40 1.750 (44.45) 2.480 (63.00) 1,700 (43.2) 2.575 (65.40) 1.063 (27.00) 0.079 (2.00) M16 thread
BT50 2.750 (69.85) 3.937 (100.00) 2,787 (70.8) 4.008 (101.80) 1.496 (38.00) 0.118 (3.00) M24 thread

BT Tools and Performance & Productivity

BT tools allow use of ATC (Automatic Tool Change) technology to maximize the speed and productivity of manufacturing.

BT tool holders perform work with high strains and pressures, so be sure to store them safely without any chance for the tool being damaged – as this may cause some misbalance that can be critical at high speeds and precise CNC machinery.

BT Tool Holders

Depending on your particular machining tool needs, the wide array of BT Holders that are manufactured and sold can help your job to me more effecient. Tool Holder has an extensive team that is here to help you to select the most appropriate BT tool holder for your application.

We sell an wide selection of new and used BT tool holders by manufacturers and brands such as: Sandvik, Acrow, Techno and more

BT30 BT40 BT50 tool holder dimensions taper with specifications. Tool changer collet chuck Holders shrink fits using calibration tools.


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