Product Features

AC squirrel-cage type asynchronous electric motor is a popular electric apparatus. By applying intelligent, the apparatus completes stable load making capacity and reduces impact strength to electrical network; it can work with stable and reliable performance. YCQR2 Model soft starter completes Human-machine interface. Applied to a scope of 5.5~600KW in thermal power plant, hydraulic power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry, architecture , cement plant ,mining industry as well as environmental protection projects. It’s the ideal replacer of Y-△ Starter, reactor starter, auto-transformer starter etc.
The advanced technology applied prevents the heavy starting current of AC electric motor, influence to voltage quality and power consumption in loop as well as the impact strength to electric apparatus.
Microprocessor is core of YCQR2 soft starter. It controls big power thyristor components, to limit starting current, voltage ramp start, soft stop. Technical parameters can be set depending different load. It also has over current, overload and out-of-phase protections. Output voltage of soft start is ascending as per setups, then electric motor torque finish starting according to optimized speed-up curve, thyristor components breaks, and bypass AC contact starts.

Functions of YCQR2 Soft Starter
1. Double Single-chip machine automatic digital control;
2. Parameters like starting torsion current, voltage, and time to be set according to different load, to obtain optimal torque control feature.
3. Smooth and gradual starting process, to reduce the impact strength of electric network, vibration and noise of apparatus, to lengthen lifetime of mechanical driver and to improve working environment.
4. Starting current is adjustable as per load, to reduce starting consumption and to make optimal torque with smallest current.
5. Soft stop function – make long lifetime of electric contacts, meet mechanical requirements under various occasions.
6. Over-current protection, overload protection and thermal protection, out- of–phase protection.
7. Extrocontrol interface to facilitate multi-functions: digital delayed start, transient stop control input, start output of time delay relay, fault relay output.
8. No special requirements on the phase sequence to input power.
9. Free stop and soft stop, soft stop time is adjustable.
10. Complete digital control and extrocontrol
11. Standard 485 interface
12. Output 0-20MA analog current
13. Innovative structure, small volume, stable performance, easy installation and operation.
14. Harvard type single-chip machine has strong anti-interruption capacity to prevent the control system from severe electric interruption.


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