LE1 Magnetic starter is suitable for using in the circuits the rated voltage up to 690V AC 50Hz or 60Hz.With AC-3 type,LE1 is used for starting or halting of three-phase squirrel case electromotor which rated working voltage is 380V and rated working current is from 9A to 95A. Combining with matchable thermal relay can protect the motor from overload and phase failure.

Operation and installation condition
1. Ambient air temperature:-5℃~+40℃, average temperature of 24 hours must below +35℃
2. Altitude:≤2000m
3. Relative humidity: The maximum temperature of 40 degrees,the air relative humidity not exceed 50%,at a lower temperature can allow for a higher relative humidity.The humidest month’s average lowest temperature must be below 25℃, the max relative humidity of that month should not exceed 90%.If
humidity changes as a result of occasional gel generated,should eliminate it.
4. Pollution level: 3
5. Installation category: III
6. Installation position: The installation degree of the tilt and vertical plane should not exceed ±5°.
7. Shock vibration:Products should be installed and used without severe shake, shock and vibration of the place.


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